Leveraging AI for side hustles

With the release of ChatGPT 4 and other technologies like Midjourney 5 (AI image generation), there are a bunch of people out there suggesting you can build a passive income company leveraging this tech.

This morning I signed up for a paid account with Midjourney and developed the steampunk banner for CSEng.com in 2 minutes. Pretty cool.

Just this morning as well, someone on Twitter suggested using ChatGPT to be an entrepreneurial guru, gave it a budget and told it to provide a business plan:

Here is the prompt they provided:

I started a similar thread and it thinks I should write an ebook on VR or 3D Printing. I need to explain that I think those markets are pretty saturated and not particularly “evergreen”. I also started a discussion using it to build a territory plan for my efforts at Tricentis.

And I started watching a bunch of videos from a guy names Alex Sheffy discussing his ideas for passive business ideas on Etsy, like this:

Some of Alex’s favorite tools include:

  • ChatGPT
  • Etsy.com
  • Figma – graphics/prototyping
  • Photopea – free photoshop
  • Midjourney – AI powered image generator

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