MazeVR Dev Log – Day 3

Once I established the Quest template for Unity, I went back to basic Unity development to experiment with building a maze programmatically. The problem with developing for Quest on a Mac is that you can’t leverage the “play” mode in Unity to test/debug your app. (With a Windows PC, when you “play” a VR app, you can use the Unity Dev console while interacting with the HMD and controllers. Not on the Max)

ChatGPT seems to be well versed in the idea of building mazes. I assume this is because it is a classic exercise with a multitude of examples within its training data. I was able to build a maze out of prefab walls and floor tiles (which I can attempt to make fancier later) and it takes dimensions as inputs as well.

While Snipes is not really about solving the maze, I still wanted to experiment with things like knowing and visualizing the solution. Again, ChatGPT provided side to solve the maze and help place markers along the path.

  • Maze logic
  • Maze Solver
  • Enemy
    • Movement
    • Shooters
  • Walking through walls
    • CharacterController vs Rigid Body
  • Jumping
    • Reading the “A” button
    • Justin’s Code vs ChapGPT rewrite
    • Toggle the Maze Solver markers

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